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road trip management

Road Trip mangement

I liken my management style to planning a road trip or camping trip

  • anticipation
    the anticipation of a journey is often what it takes to spring board a team of people into action. I have fond memories of camping up & down the coast of California in my teen age years. with 3 brothers and 3 sisters there was always a buzz of excitement when my parents would announce we were going camping. my parents would explain where were going and what we were going to do there. this vision motivated us to get ready for the trip

  • organizing
    in the weeks that followed the excitement subsided as the boring work of going through the backyard shed for camping gear began. pulling out the camping gear was of course boring work but it was also very exciting, each item we pulled out of that shed had a memory associated with it. the gas lanterns when lit would have a distinctive hissing air flow sound and odd attraction by the local insects that hovered around the light. silly memories like this could be said of nearly every item we pulled from that shed. this boring task always became a pleasure and reenforced our anticipation of our upcoming trip. I’ve found a well organized team can focus on the work at hand when they know someone is leading the team properly

  • planning
    in the weeks before the actual trip Dad would being out the map and spread it on the table and share the route we were taking. Mom had the scoop on what we would see along the way and what the camp site would be like. this continued to motivate us to help pack the camping gear into the trailer pulled behind our station wagon.

  • day 1

    my parents preferred leaving very early in the morning at 5:00am of our camping trips. they were likely trying to reduce the pain associated with hearing us complain about the time it was taking to get to the destination. this is just one of many small leadership decisions we make to for the team and for their success

  • detours

    detours come in all shapes and sizes, you can’t often plan for them but you can surely expect them. for a road trip this could literally mean a road closure, road works, bathroom breaks, etc. certainly you don’t want to plan for every eventuality but certainly planning your primary route around the busy traffic areas is the easy one, especially with modern navigation tools we have today. in business this is no different, we use the tools which makes sense of the journey ahead of us and to address and plan around those items

Michael Emens